Meet my team...


Well, it may be my name on the website, but I have to admit it takes more than just me to keep all your great feedback flowing back to the companies you've dealt with.


I work closely with the team at service quality improvement firm CTMA and the customer feedback channel WasItOK.  Together we follow-up with customers to see how well companies respond to the questions, suggestions, compliments and any problems you may have experienced.


You can find out more about CTMA at and if you would like to give some confidential feedback about your experience as a customer, please take part in one of the short surveys at


... and of course, if there is anything you'd like to let us know about this site, please select TellSimon from the list of companies on the home page and let me know.



(For companies wishing to learn more about how TellSimon could be helping their business, please go to